Super Boost Mi A1 With Extreme Kernel V8


Hello Guys Welcome Back To Another Post Of Sasta Gamer I Know I am Very Late But No Issue I Come With An Amazing Post This Post Belong To Whom Like Gaming In HD Or Who Wants To Super Boost Their Mi A1 So If You Want To Really Convert Your Mi A1 Into Gaming Machine So You Are In Good Place First OF All I Would Like to Remind Guys That I Recently Posted A Overclocking Method OF Mi A1. This Is an Update Of Recent Post But This Worked Like Amazing. Cause Very Update Comes With Great Stability And Power So This Is Update IS Also Comes With Amazing Features Like Spectrum Etc. First Of I Would Like to Share Antutu Benchmark Result.Super Boost Mi A1 With Extreme Kernel V8 Download:

Super Boost Mi A1 With Extreme Kernel V8
Super Boost Mi A1 With Extreme Kernel V8

Super Boost Mi A1 With Extreme Kernel V8

So As You Can See Guys The Amazing Antutu Benchmark Results. Since I Bought This Phone I Never Got Antutu Benchmark Results Like This And I Don’t Know About Others. Other Said Got More But Faced Battery Draining Issue. Oh. I forgot  Tell That Battery Draining And Heating IS the Main Issue Of Overclocking Like I Said In My Recent Post If You Read It So The Battery Issue Has Got Fixed IN This Version and Have A Amazing Battery life. In My Case, I Play Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile A lot So My Battery Life Is Decent For Me But but but Who don’t Want to Play Games have Great Opportunity For Them. There Battery Life Long Lasting Will Be 6 to 8 Hours.

Now Its Time To Talk About Kernel

General Info
-Based on XIaomi 8.1 Source
-Reworked the whole kernel
-Latest Linux Version (3.18.120)
-Compiled with Google Toolchain
-Kernel compatible with Android P
-Updated Wi-Fi driver to LA.UM.6.6.r1-09500-89xx.0
-Auto Detect zip Treble and Not treble

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How To Remove Xiaomi Mi A1 Unlock Bootloader Warning?

How To Overclock Xiaomi Mi A1 To Boost Performance?

-CPU OC to 2.7 GHz (Optimized for Best Battery and Performance)
-Undervolt by -75 mV

-GPU OC to 1055 Mhz (Optimized for Best Battery and Performance)
-GPU Adreno Boost (You need Mtweaks or Other Modified KA to enable it)
-Dev Freq Boost
-Optimized the MSM-Adreno-TZ

-Slimbus OC
-Audio processor: Overclock to 12.228MHz!
-Sound Control
-Best Audio Quality

-Spectrum Support
-Tweaked Spectrum Profiles
-Boeffla wakelock blocker
-State Notifier Driver
-Intelli Thermal V3
-Adreno Idler
-Enabled USB ethernet drivers

-Zzmoove CPU Governor
-Impulse CPU Governor
-Optimized Interactive Governor
-and original ones

IO Schedulers
-Maple IO Scheduler
-Fiops IO Scheduler
-Row IO Scheduler
-Optimzied cfq io scheduler (default)
-and original ones

-KCAL color control

Misc Controls:
-Lot of TCP Algorithms
-Westwood TCP congestion algorithm enabled by default
-Vibration intensity control for qpnp-haptics interface

Optimizations and Tweaks
-300 Hz Timer for best Battery and Performance
-Included OC Damage and Voltage Protection
-Added fsync on/off support
-Added support for exfat and enabled ntfs.
-Optimized Console FrameBuffer for upto 70% increase in Performance.
-Optimized Integer SQRT. for upto 3x faster operation.
-Optimized ZRAM.
-Optimized Boot Time.
-Disabled CRC check (up to 30% faster I/O).
-Disabled CPU L2 Cache during Video Sessions.
-Reduced CPU Average-Load drastically.
-Reduced RQ Lock-Contention for upto 0.7% increase in Performance.
-Reduced CPU Load-Average.
-Enabled High-Priority WorkQueue for DevFreq.
-Some Network Speed Tweaks.
-Incresed GPU power lvl to 20
-Some essential patches that you can also find in Google kernels
-and Lot of more small Optimizations

Credit Goes To Kernel Maker Alek Dev

Big Thanks to:
@cheewaca-Testing,Tweaking Spectrum
@TheHitMan-Helping me about kernel,fixing errors and lot of stuff …
-and to everyone who tested the kernel
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XDA:DevDB Information
[Kernel][Tissot][Oreo][P][Treble & Non-Treble][OC]eXtremeKernel V8 for MI A1, Kernel for the Xiaomi Mi A1

Alek Devflex1911GamingDevilsCC
Source Code:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 8.0
Stable Release Date: 2018-03-27

Created: 2018-03-28
Last Updated: 2018-08-30


Boot Into TWRP
Flash Kernel

Super Boost Mi A1 With Extreme Kernel V8

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