Best Laptops Under 10000 to 15000

Looking for the best laptop in India then you have come to the right place, here we arranged top 10 best laptops under 10000 to 15000. we strived all the best laptop in India to our own. it will help you to choose the better one.

How To Change Font Style In Xiaomi MI A1?

Default Font Usually Do Jobs Good - That is Why It Is Default. The Default Font Is Roboto on Android. It is Looks Good Normally On Android Devices. Its Look Comfortable And Give a Pleasant. But Its User Choice To Prefer Their Own Font In

How To Fix Lag of PUBG Mobile On MI A1?

Are You PUBG Lover? Play PUBG Mobile On Your Mi A1 But Unfortunately, You Faced Lags every Time When You Play. Its Very Annoying While Shotting Around Enemies Killing Zombies And Snipping Phone Starts To Lag. SO In This Article, I Will